Order online Tomato pickle from My Food Bay, the best homemade pickle brand in India.
The taste of tomato pickle is spicy, tangy & very tasty and it is originated from Andhra Pradesh. This is pickle is used in all seasons because of tomato availability. Tomato pickle is enjoyed by everyone throughout year. Tomato pickle is used with hot rice, roti’s. dosa, idli, upma, and western bread’s and it also used in other South Indian foods.
With our ancestor’s recipe, tradition style, no preservatives or artificial flavours used and you can serve with pride.
Tomatoes are good source of vitamin C, A, K, folate and potassium. Since tomatoes are low in sodium and cholesterol, so it is good for high blood pressure and also good heart patients. It reduces swellings and many diseases like cancer and arthritis. It also purifies blood and smooth urinary infections. It is good for liver diseases as well.

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